The Top 3 achievements made by an American Pest Control Service

American Pest Control Services has been helping homeowners deal with pest problems for over three decades. QualityPro companies have been a marked team that continues to operate as leaders and trailblazers in the pest management industry to better serve customers across the nation. American Pest Control consistently holds high standards for their technicians, through thorough background checks, strict licensing and enforcing strict non-chemical employment guidelines to ensure a drug-free workplace for its technicians. Their knowledge of local and federal regulations pertaining to pest management practices in other countries also give American Pest Control an edge over competitors. All of these efforts lead to an effective and safe working environment for their pest control technicians and customer care representatives alike.

Over the past 75 years American Pest Control services has achieved a lot of important milestones. One milestone was the successful eradication of the black fly. This small insect had taken over an entire city, decimating bird populations and causing a lot of damage to homes and business. The city spent millions trying to eradicate this pest that became resistant to various chemical treatments. American Pest Control finally got a solution by using an insect biotechnology technique that effectively deals with pesky insects like black flies.

Another significant achievement American Pest Control services has achieved is the total eradication of the German cockroach. The German cockroach is primarily a problem in areas of the Midwest where it thrives because of the hot and humid weather there. Although other pests such as termites can cause significant damage in these areas, the German cockroach cannot survive without human contact or being trapped. As a result, American Pest Control services eliminated this pest from the face of the earth.

Pests can also affect pets and children. In order to address this issue, American Pest Control services made a methodical effort to eradicate the German cockroach in the city of Kansas City. After eliminating these pesky insects the city realized they could eliminate many pest infestations in the future. With this realization, they worked hard to secure funding so that their services could expand. They reached their goal by achieving their goal of achieving a 75 years pest management agreement with the state of Arkansas.

The last major accomplishment American Pest Control services has made was the successful eradication of the Eastern Carp. These are the most common pests seen around the country and can cause serious health problems. For years, the Eastern Carp had been a persistent problem for the residents of Kansas City. Thanks to their relentless efforts and hard work the Carp were successfully removed from the area and now live in a remote area without any threat to humans.

These are just three of the many achievements that an American Pest Control Service has achieved. They strive each day to ensure that their work is helping to improve the quality of life for people all across the United States. By eliminating these common pests, they help keep our homes safer from harm and give us one less thing to worry about each and every day.

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